Hi, let me introduce myself...I'm Jake, I'm a year old and about 54 lbs, and I am the latest addition to the Island Time Gang.

I was in a shelter, on death row, hours away from being euthanized when Barbara found me and saved my life.  Mary then took over and started teaching me some manners and fattening me up...I still have more to eat and a lot to learn...at least that's what Dreyfus and Baxter tell me.  I am just one big bundle of love and playing with my new brothers is the second greatest thing in the world...other than laying on the couch with Mom as she teaches me how to design web pages. 

Evidently Mom came over to South Carolina on Saturday to meet Mary & Lil and see some other pup named Hunter who lives with Barbara.  It wasn't love at first sight for Dreyfus, LUCKY FOR ME!  So she and Lil went to see Mary and I climbed up in her lap several times and stuck my head under her chin and then leaned on her and sighed and she was hooked.  To think she turned me down originally because she thought my eyes creeped her out.  Little did she know that I am just the sweetest little love bug in the world and don't have a creepy bone in my body!

I rode very nicely in the truck on the way home although I'm not so sure about the jumping out part...  Mom had closed the garage door so I could jump out safely but evidently somehow the remote for it got pressed when she lifted me down and I sprinted out the door...as she went to duck under it her sweater got caught as the door was still going up...she has this big hole in her sweater now...I felt bad...she used several 4 letter words but my brothers tell me that's nothing unusual.  I was so astonished though that I stopped right where I was and then came immediately when she called me.  So needless to say she thinks I am fabulous!

Here I am running around in the backyard with my brothers this morning we sure had a great time today, we've been out chasing tenny balls and playing in the woods too.  Also under that are the pics of the sunrise on Lake Lanier that morning she came to South Carolina.



April 20th, 2008

Here's me with my ball, aren't I devilishly handsome?

Me and my buddy Hunter, we're chick magnets!

I love to PLAY PLAY PLAY All that playing is tiring!

Sorry I haven't checked in but Mom's been busy...Shortly after the pictures above, big brother Dreyfus was diagnosed with Cushing's Disease and Mom got very sad.   He hung out for a long time though and beat everyone's expectations...we lost him the week before Thanksgiving 2009.  Mom just didn't have the heart to update his page til today though because I'm helping her. 


I'm up to 65 lbs and as full of it as ever.  Mom got an invisible fence put in to keep me in the yard and from going walkabout...so I'm behaving myself and staying home more.  This makes her happy...so I guess I can live with that.   She got worried when I'd jump the 6 ft fence and go visit the neighbors...nothing like a friend to rat you out to your Mom via email that you were on her deck.   She used more bad words AND threatened to make me into a coat!  Course I'm kinda used to that...you ought to hear what she says when I pee on the back of the couch...yeah, I still do that on occasion but I'm getting better.  Here's a new picture of me from April!  Still as handsome as ever, got Mom wrapped around my paw!


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